High nose bridge makeup method

Source:Anko Cosmetics (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.Release time:2020-05-07

How important it is to have a tall nose bridge, just look at the Hollywood stars. We Asians are so low in height that they are said to have no three-dimensionality. We are not here to discuss the risks of pretending to be prosthesis and micro plastic surgery, but in short, be careful of sequelae, let's talk about make-up, that is to say, there is no means to look after, except that regular makeup is needed!

Shade, highlight and reshape the high nose bridge

The reason for making the nose bridge higher through makeup is actually very simple. One is to make the nose bridge look high, the other is to make the nose root look low, and the third is to make the nose darker, that is, to narrow the nose bridge and emphasize the three-dimensional sense, so as to visually The nose appears tall, which is like two people who are one and seven meters tall, and the thin person looks taller than the fat person.

Shading is very important

Usually, the modification of the bridge of the nose should be placed in the last step of makeup, so please refer to your eyeshadow to determine the shadow color of the nose. If the eyeshadow is a natural earth color system, the corresponding ones should be light brown and earth red, etc., also natural affinity; and if it is a dazzling color, the gray system is more suitable, such as gray brown, light gray, Darker and colder colors are more balanced overall.

Eye shadow powder acts as a shadow powder

1. Use an eye shadow brush to pick up the color of your choice, knock off the floating powder on it, and then apply it evenly on both sides of the nose with a top-down approach. Its length is also critical. It should not exceed the horizontal height of the eyeshadow, and should naturally merge with the border of the eyeshadow, which is like the shadow of light, otherwise it can be seen that the two separate pieces are exposed.

2. At the root of the nose, that is, the small area between the eyebrows and the eyebrows, fill it with the same color as the shaving cream, which blends well with the color of the eyebrows to create a sense of depression, which can make the eyes deeper. , The nose will be more straight.

Pearl powder brightens the nose

1. The most critical part of the bridge of the nose is finally brightened. Do n’t think that white eyeshadow with glitter is the most suitable for use here. No, no, that kind of white will make people look unnatural. A little beige or beige pearlescent eyeshadow does the "work" without notice. The method is to use a clean eyeshadow brush, evenly in front of the bridge of the nose.

2. At the same time, don't forget the eyebrow and nose, these two functions are different. Eyebrows make your forehead look full, the face is more three-dimensional, and the nose is the highest point of the entire face. It must be bright enough to be high, so you can even draw a few circles on the nose to emphasize it.

Highlight the T zone, the overall harmony and unity

Finally, in pursuit of overall harmony and unity, don't forget the T zone where the bridge of the nose is located. If there is a legal pattern, the residual bright powder on the eyeshadow brush can play a certain role in filling, and lightly trace the line, it can play a lightening effect, and the person looks young; the highlight of the chin will make the entire T zone They are all raised, like pushing the cheeks back, it is more three-dimensional, and of course the high nose bridge will also be more obvious.