With in-house laboratories and library of formulas we can develop and manufacture a wide range of cosmetic products to meet your brand needs. In the area of new product development our formula R&D labs are ready to provide innovative formulas using the latest and highest standards quality ingredients & pigments to fit your philosophy and target your market. For those mature products we will still pay attention to develop trendsetting shade extensions. As Anko increasingly bring our business into a global marketplace that has undergone substantial change we find ourselves dealing with new sets of rules and laws that need to be followed. Anko complies with EU regulations and according to "EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009 (EC)", our products have passed ITS and SGS testing.

Anko could provide the information and knowledge you need to take your products into new markets. Our experienced chemists know which raw materials are approved for use in which countries and can work to create formulas tailored to your market. The paperwork necessary to register finished goods overseas can be provided by our regulatory staffs during the R&D process. Collaborating on exciting new projects while working to understand all that is required to make them a reality will help us both grow.