Basic makeup tips

Source:Anko Cosmetics (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.Release time:2020-05-07

The focus of daily makeup is on natural, soft, clean, three-dimensional, and make yourself like yourself. The following introduces a simple and convenient makeup steps and techniques, so that you can spend a little time in the busy time to make up your own, which will add charm.

Cleanse and organize skin before makeup

Make sure to clean the skin before makeup, pat the entire face with toner after cleansing, then apply nutrient cream, and finally apply isolation protection cream to moisturize the skin surface and form a thin film, effectively blocking ultraviolet rays and cosmetic dust.


1. Choose a liquid foundation close to your skin tone and use sponge to spread evenly on the entire face, ears and neck.

2. After smearing the foundation, apply a layer of dry powder with puff to make the makeup last longer and not easy to fall off.

Eyebrow grooming

First remove the excess hair, then use a brow pencil to lightly draw out the eyebrow shape, pay attention to the uniform color, the brow is the lightest, and the end of the eyebrow is deepest, but there is no obvious trace from deep to shallow, so the eyebrows are naturally three-dimensional.

Eye makeup

When using two-color eyeshadow, apply lighter color with a slightly larger eye shadow brush and apply from the end of the eye to the inner corner of the eye; use a smaller eye shadow brush to apply darker color and apply from the inner corner of the eye to the end of the eye (near the eyelashes), the main color of the eye shadow ( (Dark color) must be decided according to the clothing, environment and venue at that time.

Facial retouch

Sweep the rouge from the cheekbones from deep to shallow under the temple, and apply evenly.

Slender face: Sweep down the temple, forming an oval shape, reducing the feeling of long face.

Round face: Sweep up on the cheekbones to form a strip, weakening the feeling of being too fat and too round.

Square face: Sweep straight from the back half of the cheekbone to the ear to reduce the square shape.

Eyebrow drawing

Choose a lip liner with the same color as eye shadow and blush, first draw the outline of the lip, note that the color of the selected lip liner is once darker than the color of the lipstick. Then choose a lipstick of the same color as eyeshadow and blush, apply a proper amount of lipstick with the lip brush in the outline of the drawn lips, fill the lips, and strive to smooth and meticulous.