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Makeup basic steps
  Cleansing: with an effective cleaning products thoroughly cleanse the skin.
  Skin: Apply to improve and protect the skin care products, including astringent or toner, face cream, eye cream.
  Playing foundation: Apply loose powder or pressed powder, dipped into the amount on puff kneading, gently press evenly on the face, but do not forget that part of the nose and eyelids.
  Dingzhuang: first with an appropriate amount of dry powder puff stick to take off for kneading, playing with your fingers to the excess powder, evenly pressed against the skin, then the large makeup brush off the excess powder, do not forget the eyes, nose , these oils lush mouth area.
  Eyeliner: eyeliner everyday not too exaggerated, in the eyes of a close to the roots of the lashes lines along the roots of eyelashes can be thin.
  Eye shadow: Medium eye shadow brush dampened with white highlights, from the inside corner outside corner sweep a large area over the entire upper eyelid to emphasize the structure. As is usually the daily use of earth tones.
  Eyelashes: take along from the outside - then the middle - Last root folder sequentially segmented eyelashes, eyelash this folder and natural and curly, curly can reach 80 degrees.
  Blush: blush at the same time should pay attention to other parts of the modified face, such as the forehead and jaw.
  Lipstick: first with a lip pencil drawing, then a lip stick or a lipstick smear.
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