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High nose cosmetic methods

    There aquiline nose how important to see Hollywood stars have to know. We Asians that is worse then a highly until somebody say no three-dimensional. Pretend plastic body and the micro-risk issues we do not discuss here, but in short, be careful sequelae, pour it comes to makeup, that is absolutely no looking back means, in addition to regular makeup!
Shadow play, the high point of light high nose reshaping
Let the nose through the skin becomes higher reason is simple, it is necessary to become a high nose, two seem to nasion lower nasal third is to go dark, that narrowed the bridge of the nose, but also emphasizes the three-dimensional, so that the visual appears on the bridge of the nose high, which is seven meters like the same two people, skinny fat look higher than the same.
    Shadow play is very important
Typically, the bridge of the nose to put make-up of the modification of the last step, so please refer to your eye shadow to determine nasal shadow color. If the eye is a natural earth tones, the corresponding relation is light brown and red soil, the same natural affinity; And if it is dazzling color, the gray line is more appropriate, such as gray-brown, light gray, etc., colder darker colors better overall balance.
    As shadow powder eye shadow powder
1 eye shadow brush dampened with a color of your choice, Kediao on the IRES, and then from the top-down approach to evenly wipe the nose on both sides. Its length is also critical, the upper and lower levels are not to exceed the height of eye shadow and eye shadow to the border with the fusion of nature, it was like a light shade, or can see it is independent of the two revealed the secret.
2 in the bridge of the nose section, which is between the head and eye brows in that small area, using the same color trimming cream filling, blend well with the color of the eyebrows, to create a sense of depression, that make the eyes more abstruse , the nose will be more upright.
Pearl powder brightens the nose
1. The most critical parts of the nose to brighten the last to do. Do not think the white eye shadow with glitter most appropriate to use here, no no no, that would make people look unnaturally white, like the head of security of the lamp only shines on the nose, what we need is with a little beige or golden rice pearl eye shadow, imperceptible to put the "work" done. Approach is based on a clean eye shadow brush dampened after brush evenly in the nose is straight ahead.
2 Do not forget to eyebrows and nose, these two effects are different. Eyebrows, make your forehead look plump, face a more three-dimensional, and nose, is the highest point of the entire face, it must be bright enough is enough high, so you can even draw a few laps on the nose light stress.
 Lit T zone, the overall harmony
Finally, the pursuit of harmony of the whole, do not forget the bridge of the nose where the T-zone. If there have been nasolabial folds, the remnants of glitter eye shadow brush can play a fill effect, along the lines of light scanning, you can play the role of desalination, the spirit of the young people look; chin brighten the entire T-zone are raised, like the cheeks pushed back, more three-dimensional sense, of course, high nose will become more apparent.


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