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How to properly use sunscreen products

    Sunscreen ten minutes before wiping out, after applying sunscreen to be combined with the skin after a period of time, to achieve the best results. Duration of stay in the sun too long, we must re-apply once every so often. Sunscreen sunscreen products have photosensitivity exposure after a certain time, will reduce the effect of sunscreen, swimming, sweating, also make sunscreen cosmetics loss. Attention to prevent skin allergies, because sunscreen sunscreen products relative to other skin care products prone to allergies, in particular:
a. first-time users, especially the skin more sensitive to people who face a lot of acne on your arm first trial two days, no adverse reactions and then for the face;
     b. generally the first to use some moisturizer, apply a sunscreen would be safer;
     c. daytime use sunscreen products, with calm clear evening with some of 凉, after-sun repair skin care products, facial sunscreen products use the best pre basic maintenance to do first: first with clean skin cleanser and toner, and then use the lotion. Sensitive skin should not be directly applied sunscreen foundation, and it should rub moisturizer as isolation, so sunscreen products irritate the skin. Choose the best foundation with sunscreen nutrients such as Vitamin C, vitamin E or mineral ingredients, it will not only avoid UV rays, while better conservation of the skin. Use sunscreen foundation products must pay attention to its SPF (SPF).
    If the coefficient is SPF15, then the exposure time is best in 2 hours or less.
    If the coefficient is SPF25, then the exposure time is best in 4 hours or less.



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